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Ph.D. in Engineering
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Rescue Care System


Recently in many Russian pig farms, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of piglets born alive in a litter with more weak and low-birth-weight piglets, while the number of pigs exceeds the number of teats in sows. This leads to malnutrition and as a consequence to death. To solve this problem, namely, to increase the safety and speed of growth of low-birth-weight piglets, we propose piglets preservation system NEOPIGG RESCUECARE.

NEOPIGG RESCUECARE system is a special system of preserving weak piglets in which the piglets have permanent access to sow milk replacer «Neopigg RescueMilk» and to liquid prestarter «Neopigg Smooth». These products are contained in nipple drinkers installed in the farrowing area. The nipple mechanism of the drinker «Neopigg RescueCup» allows the piglets to consume milk ad libitum. Free access to the sow milk replacer stimulates the consumption of food, contributes to the development of the immune system, improving animal health status, and eliminates the stress in piglets after weaning.