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Rescue care system

NEOPIGG RESCUECARE system comes with a set of equipment, milk replacer and liquid prestarter.

The sow milk replacer «Neopig Rescue Milk» provides vital nutrients during the first days of piglets life, and has the following advantages: - high concentration of immunoglobulins high digestibility acidophilus product with a long date of expiry good preparation for dry food transition can be used in all housing systems increases daily average gain during the first 12 days of piglets ' life.
Liquid prestarter «Neopig Smooth» helps with metabolism and increase feed intake in young piglets until weaning. Feeding pigs with liquid prestarter should be done in the period from 14 to 21 days.

Equipment set includes: control unit; container for milk mixtures; mixer motor; milk level sensor; connection kit (with coupling for hose, hose, valve, fixing); a heat exchanger for milk mixture; diaphragm pumps with connection kits, air handling unit and air whose; compressor; cups for milk mixes with the supporting parts; flexible PVC hose.

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