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Georgy Pirtskhalava
Commercial Director
Ph.D. in Engineering
Tel.: +7 495 382 0109
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Completed Projects

Rescue Care System

«Soglasie» LLC
In April 2015 RONAR RUSS supplied a farrowing section in a pig-breeding complex with piglets’ persistence system - Neopigg RescueCare.
«Soglasie» Company is one of the biggest pig farms in Tumenskaya region with overall production about 4500 sows.
In early 2015 the farm faced the issue of young stock safety and in order to solve this problem contacted RONAR RUSS.
The specialists of the farm were interested in our two-phase system of saving piglets Neopigg RescueCare. The delivered system was designed in 7 sections with 28 stalls for 14-15 piglets per each.

         Soglasie Soglasie
         Soglasie Soglasie