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Agnition products


GenerateCorn.jpgGENERATE Products made by Ralco based on innovative formula of 100% soluble cobalt stimulate growth of agricultural crops. Plants treated with Generate® better resist environmental stresses and yield larger harvests.
Generate® is easy to use and is suitable for in-furrow, side-dress and foliar applications. It can be mixed with water, liquid fertilizers, insecticides and other products. Generate® works for various agricultural crops, including grasses, cereals, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Commence_SeedTreatment_reverse.jpg 3.jpg
Commence® is patented seed treatment product for wheat, corn and soy. Incapsulation technology based on a specialized polysaccharide covers seeds in a natural film that is fast to dry, improves seed flow, dissolves in water after planting and enriches nutritive environment around seeds in the soil.49402-2.5_Commence_Wheat_hiRes.png Commence® increases activity of soil microbes, liberates micro- and macro-nutrients and promotes better germination and early plant development. It has proven its effectiveness in various climate conditions and soil types.
Agricultural crops get a boost of energy, grow stronger and more robust, yields are improved in volume and quality.