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executive Director
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Olga Ravinskaya
Customer service Manager
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Hatching Eggs

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For years we’ve been supplying commercial hatching eggs from the Netherlands: 
  • Broiler hatching eggs of crosses Ross 308 and Cobb 500;
  • Layer hatching eggs of crosses Hy-Line, H&N and Lohmann, white and brown.

  • Parent stock age: 28-55 weeks;
  • Egg age at date of loading: no more than 3 days;
  • Egg weight: 50-75 grams;
  • Minimal hatchability: 80% for each consignment if the eggs are set within 48 hours after arrival;
  • Rejection rate: no more than 1%.

Standard consignment is 288 000 eggs, this quantity can be adjusted depending on Buyer’s needs.
Delivery of eggs to the Buyer’s hatchery is carried out by specialized truck with enhanced shock absorbers and temperature control system. Eggs are packed into export standard boxes and put on new pallets. Deliveries are possible on the terms DAP (without customs clearance) and DDP (customs clearance included).
It is possible to sign a long-term contract with a fixed price as well as with a flexible price to be adjusted monthly.