Ronar BV
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Georgy Pirtskhalava
Commercial Director
Ph.D. in Engineering
Phone: +7 495 382 01 09
+7 926 247 70 08
+7 917 551 71 71
Skype pirtskhalava.georgy

Oksana Timofeeva
Customer service Manager
Phone: +7 495 382 01 09
+7 925 084 93 29

Intracare products

    For over 15 years Dutch companyINTRACARE-logo.pngIntracare B.V. has been developing practical and innovative solutions for agriculture and offers a wide range of products for crop, poultry, pig and cattle farming:
  • Cleaning products for water lines based on hydrogen peroxide, perfectly safe for animals, humans and equipment;
Formaldehyde-free disinfectant effective against pathogenic bacteria, yeasts, mold and viruses.
  • Nutritional supplements, focused on boosting the immune system of animals and birds.
  • Veterinary products in the form of liquid concentrates, spray and gel for prevention and treatment of diseases and damage of animals’ legs, hoofs and skin.
IntraCare products do not contain antibiotics and offer an effective alternative to their use. They comply with high quality and safety standards, and have received all necessary certifications.