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Georgy Pirtskhalava
Commercial Director
Ph.D. in Engineering
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Skype pirtskhalava.georgy

Nadezhda Habalova
Customer service Manager
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Alexey Goley
Customer service Manager
Phone: +7 495 382 01 09
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Completed Projects

OOO "Consent"
In April 2015, the company "RONAR RUSS" was equipped with a section of farrowing pig complex "Consent" pig conservation system RESCUE CARE.
LLC Soglasie - one of the largest pig-breeding complexes in the Tyumen region with a production volume of 4500 sows.
At the beginning of 2015 the complex faced a question of safety of young growth and for the solution of this problem addressed to the LLC RONAR RUSS company. Specialists of the complex are interested in the proposed two-phase system of conservation of pigs. The system delivered to the enterprise is designed for 7 sections with 28 machines, 14-15 pigs in each machine.

Soglasie Soglasie
Soglasie Soglasie

In June 2017, an automatic system of saving pigs RESCUE CARE was installed at the pig breeding complex of the company "ROMKOR". The system is designed for 150 farrowing machines and provides an average of 2100 piglets with constant access to a whole milk substitute (WHC). This allows to reduce labour costs (excluded manually distribute WMS) to increase the gain, reduce the mortality (mortality weak piglets), to ensure an early start to weight gain, to equalize the average weight of the litter.
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