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Drying line for alfalfa

In cooperation with our partners, companies Dutch Dryers  DutchDriers.png и АFAUafau-1.jpg  we supply the full production line for drying, cooling, grinding and pelleting or baling of alfalfa.


The highly effective multipurpose drying equipment developed by Dutch engineers can work for decades and is the best solution for processing grass, especially alfalfa.

Сушилки-4.jpg Fibers with average length 10-15 cm, max. 40 cm, and moisture content from 25% to 90% are fed into the dryer. A large drum divided into 10 equal sections rotates and mixes the mass of alfalfa. The unique single-pass technology ensures that an air current from a ventilator lifts dried fibers and carries them out of the drier, while more humid fibers stay in the drum. Combined with automatic burner temperature control, the drying line further processing.


To prevent fermentation in bales and to achieve optimal quality during pelleting, alfalfa is cooled on a specialized chain conveyor equipped with a system that levels the product layer on the line.

Люцерна-1.jpg Alafalfa passes a grinder and is fed into a heavy-duty pelleting press specially designed for fibered materials.


For long-term preservation of superior quality of product, the baling line uses a powerful hydraulic system to press air out of alfalfa and packs it into high- density bales with dimensions 1150x800x2400 mm at 750 kg (600 kg for straw).